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This is my story

Hi fellas!

Its me again. It’s time to start blogging. For some reason I got quite carried away or a little overwhelmed I didn’t post anything about my projects or travels after summer. Big part of it was surely my accident at autumn of which I had to go through a quite large knee surgery. I’ve gotten better faster than I expected and will soon start training normally.

People have been asking me to write in English and I really do have many friends abroad, so for now on, I’ll definitely stick with English. Also some friends who’s been living in Finland for years and still can’t figure Finnish out…. Pardon me for my poor and simple way of writing, it’s been awhile. I’ll surely get better in time.

I live in Helsinki with my weird hairless dog. I work in insurance business and study finance at UniversityDo love my family even thou it’s a bit scattered nowadays. And surely all my friends who has taught me a lotI’m all about positive thinking and mindset.

I’m really passionate of healthy living and sports. That will be what I’ll mainly write about. Also fancy writing because I’m not really just writing about my own life. I’m actually sharing experiences and just telling my point of view. Hopefully it’ll lead to an interesting conversation. Hopefully I’ll be able to give someone advice or tips on what I’ve learned, and also receive some back.

My passion for a long time have been fitness and skydiving. Fitness is something I think as a way of living. Skydiving has been my beloved hobby over twelve years, although I haven’t been active the whole time because of injuriesYears ago as I was competing in skydiving and I was the only girl in the teamDidn’t want to be the weak spot of the team, so I started to study about nutrition and went to gym. At that time Bikini Fitness had found its way to Finland, so I had my goal set. Soon I was competing in fitness. I did compete the year 2014 so it’s already some time ago. Also did prep for the next years competitions, but started to have problems with my health. I had strong symptoms of over-training and also ended up with hypothyroidism. So I did struggle with health for about a year from that. Since then I’ve been living healthy but more freely so to say.

Before I started fitnessI decided to be a better version of my self. Through my way over the years I realised I was that  but only on the outside. And because of my competing I also got myself sick. Now don’t think I’m saying competing gets people sick! That’s not it. I think you can do it better, it just wasn’t a good method or a way of training for my body. Still you don’t need to compete to live healthy and have fitness as a hobby and a lifestyleBecause of my history I’ll still think whether to compete or not, maybe time will tell. In the mean time, I’ll just love the process.

Before I go on I still need to cover up some fantastic events about last year. I was a part of the new National Record in skydiving. That jump was made in Prague at August. Also did some epic travelling with my loved ones, after I was heeled and could fly again. Really want to share these with you before I go on. Oh! Also came an aunt about a month agoMy sister gave birth to Maia 2.12.2017 and is blogging about her journey. If you like check her out at www.fitcitymum.com

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Much kisses to all <3 Hope you’ve had a lovely start of the year 2018. This year will be something else.


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